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Special Events

Charitable Donations and Fundraisers
Past Events
Past Events
Outside Events/Festivals

Since opening less than a year ago, we have attended over 20 local festivals, events & outside fundraisers. We have received a tremendous amount of positive feedback and are often regarded as one of “the most interesting, affordable and unique vendors” at every event! Our products serve as a wonderful compliment at wine events, street food events, events geared towards health, the local food movement and even art events. Allow us to set up a booth and offer complimentary samples of world class olive oils, balsamics and various dishes that feature our unique products. If you would like us to attend your next event or have a recommendation for an upcoming festival feel free to contact us.

Outside EventsEvents OutsideEvents Outside

*If you have any interest in attending, reserving or recommending any of our services listed above, feel free to contact us at: (510) 704 9300 or email us at:

Charitable Fundraiser/ Philanthropic Events
Charitable Fundraiser

To show our appreciation to the community, we offer complimentary use of our facility for various charitable groups. In addition to offering our time and space, we will donate a percentage of the entire night’s sales to that particular charitable group.

In the past we have hosted school auctions (helping to raise $8000.00 for our neighborhood school) fundraisers to help finance, The Arts, a Kid Save adoption group and many others.

Charitable FundraiserCharitable Fundraiser

Educational Seminars

Private EventsOn a regular basis, Amphora will be offering our expertise to the general public. Anyone interested in learning more about the uses, myths & misconceptions, health benefits, methodology and tasting notes of ultra premium extra virgin olive oil is welcome to attend.

We consider this to be a unique opportunity for the general public to sample such a wide variety of Award Winning extra virgin olive oils in one place & be guided by such knowledgeable speakers!

Educational Seminars

Areas of focus will be defined and will differ between events. Along with the lecture, we will accompany you in tasting various ultra premium olive oils from around the world. We will aide you in discovering the unique qualities and vast differences between each oil. Those interested will have the opportunity to reserve their seats online or by in-store sign up.

*A generous discount on products will be offered to all who attend in-store events.

Private Events

Private EventsWe invite special groups, co-workers and friends to come and use our brand new, beautiful, well lit, 1600 square foot retail space. You get to create the guest list and have full run of our store. We’ll take care of the rest. Sample and compare over 100 unique Olive Oil and Vinegar products!

Depending on the interests of your group, our staff can offer comprehensive tasting classes, educational seminars hosted by industry experts or simply remain on hand to answer questions and offer suggestions.

Educational SeminarsFeel free to bring food and drink or allow us to prepare various finger foods using some of our fantastic products..

Let us host your birthday party, business party or exciting night out today! As an added bonus, we will give your entire party a generous discount (at least 10% off) of any of the products they choose to purchase on the night of the event

(There will be a predetermined minimum and maximum number of guests required per event.)