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Extra Virginity:The Sublime & Scandalous World of Olive Oil


A shocking look inside the complex and ever changing olive oil industry. Author, Tom Mueller has given us one of the most extensive and informative books ever written in regards to “Extra Virgin” olive oil.

Weighted Pour Spout


Ideal for any of our oils or balsamic vinegars! Beautifully designed, the spout opens when the bottle is turned upside down and closes when the bottle is upright. This weighted pour spout fits any bottle and allows the user to achieve a controlled pour, eliminating mess and over use!

Tapi Rubber Pour Spout


Easy to use, easy to clean! The cap twists off this pour spout allowing it to fit inside any of our standard bottles (Except Half Gallon). Provides users with a controlled pour of all of their favorite oils or vinegars!