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Aged Lychee White Balsamic Vinegar


Spring 2023 – New Arrival – the beautiful, aromatic Lychee white balsamic vinegar! A tropical fleshy fruit that is native to South China, Malaysia & Vietnam.  Our Lychee is sweet, slightly floral, & with a hint of citrus. Enjoy this new, delicious delicacy! Wonderful in spritzers and cocktails. Perfect for bright salads – pair with our Basil or Persian Lime infused olive oil for a delicious vinagrette or consider in a marinade or dressing with a spicy or smokey oil, such as harissa or chipotle.

Aged Blenheim Apricot White Balsamic Vinegar


The Blenheim variety is both sweet and tart with an intensely aromatic aroma of honeysuckle and picked with a faint green tinge. We?ve married this with our aged white balsamic condimento. The resulting collaboration is intoxicating as it is crisp and tart. Great with grilled chicken, as a glaze or served with cheese.

Aged Elderflower White Balsamic Vinegar


Elderflower insufed white balsamic vinegar has delicate notes of honey suckle. Perfect to combine with lemon olive oil for a delicious emulsion!

Aged Pineapple White Balsamic Vinegar


Our pineapple white balsamic radiates tropical citrus flavor. It has a perfect balance of acidity and natural sweetness. Try this amazing balsamic paired with persian lime or basil infused olive oils. Also delectable in a refreshing spritzer or cocktail!

Aged Peach White Balsamic Vinegar


Made with White Trebbiano Grape Must, our White Peach Balsamic retains its white color because it is not caramelized. The result is a crisp vinegar with a touch of sweetness. Extremely adaptable, it can be paired with any of our Extra Virgin Olive Oils, as well as our flavored oils to make a light, tart vinaigrette.

Aussie Lemon Olive Oil

Greek Lemon Sample Pic !.jpg

Item # IOO435

Fused Whole Fruit Lemon 


Whole Fruit Fused- Olive Oil

Our Lemon Olive Oil is produced by crushing whole, fresh lemons with early harvest green olives at the time of harvest. Its bright and zesty flavor is perfect to sauté shrimp or scallops or to drizzle on chicken or fish. This whole fruit fusion can be used for baking and is fabulous in marinades, dressings and is even more aromatic on roasted, steamed or sautéed vegetables due to its concentrated flavor. Pair with the Lychee White Balsamic, Blueberry Dark Balsamic, Raspberry Dark Balsamic, Jalapeno White Balsamic, Fig Dark Balsamic and Pomegranate Dark Balsamic.

Greek Leek Olive Oil


Our (Whole Fruit Fused) Greek Leek olive oil uses fresh cut leeks cold fused with early green Koroneiki olives to preserve both the full flavor of the leek and the Koroneiki. The high concentration of Leek is why this uinque product is so robust, flavorful and aromatic, with a sweet oniony flavor and savory garlic notes. A fantastic oil for preparing or finishing any potato dish. Delicious in quiche. Great for finishing soups and stews and sauteeing vegetables. Perfect in an aioli and any herb-centric sauce!

Suyo Cucumber White Balsamic Vinegar


Our crisp, zippy Suyo Cucumber White Balsamic is quintessential in dressings, marinades, shrubs, agua frescas, vinaigrettes and more. Use it to add an exciting zing to your next caprese salad or add a splash to your next shrimp cocktail.

Pairs wonderfully with fused lemon olive oil, garlic olive, ginger and black garlic olive oil, lime olive oil, Baklouti chili olive oil, dill olive oil and more. The possibilities are endless.

(NEW) Portuguese Cobrançosa (Fall 2023 Harvest – Medium Intensity

FFA: .16 Bio-phenols: 450
Peroxide: 6.16 Oleic: 71.17
D.A.G.S: 95.6 Harvest Date: Sept/Oct 2023

Our iconic Portuguese Cobrançosa displays savory notes of tomato leaf, bitter radicchio & pungent arugula with a lingering spicy finish. This is a delicious grassy olive oil that compliments a wide variety of dishes. It is also wonderful for dipping! Cobrançosa is one of the rarest olive cultivars in the world. Not to be missed! Savor & enjoy!

(NEW) Sicilian Nocellara (Medium Intensity – Fall 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .15 Bio-phenols: 380.95
Peroxide: 5.19 Oleic: 72.85
D.A.G.S: 96 Harvest Date: October 2023

The always wonderful and beloved Italian Nocellara – from Sicily – is here. This year’s Nocellara is special and lovely, with a delicate, sweet nose, floral undertones and creamy green almond notes. The finish is very nice and peppery with only slight bitterness and the typical lingering spicy mouth feel. A great olive oil for any dish and a great gift!

(NEW) California Arbequina (Mild Intensity – Fall 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .13 Bio-phenols: 234.2
Peroxide: 3.39 Oleic: 73.17
D.A.G.S: 94.8 Harvest Date: November 2023

The California Arbequina was harvested from groves in the Copay Valley and carefully selected for us due to its green profile. This beautiful example of the Arbequina varietal displays more character and a bigger mouth than other examples of this varietal, yet is mild and approachable; very creamy with notes of savory herb and banana.