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Amphora House Blend


Our Sportivo blend is delicious, mild, and has green olive and lightly floral notes. It is a multi-use oil, great for salads and especially high-heat cooking. We provide restaurants and bakeries with this high-grade oil, which is why it’s an amazing bargain at $16.00 per 750 mL bottle.

(NEW) Portuguese Arbequina (Robust – Fall 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .11 Bio-phenols: 563.6
Peroxide: 2.09 Oleic: 70.5
D.A.G.S: 95 Harvest Date: Sept/Oct 2023


(NEW) Portuguese Cobrançosa (Fall 2023 Harvest – Medium Intensity

FFA: .16 Bio-phenols: 450
Peroxide: 6.16 Oleic: 71.17
D.A.G.S: 95.6 Harvest Date: Sept/Oct 2023

Our iconic Portuguese Cobrançosa displays savory notes of tomato leaf, bitter radicchio & pungent arugula with a lingering spicy finish. This is a delicious grassy olive oil that compliments a wide variety of dishes. It is also wonderful for dipping! Cobrançosa is one of the rarest olive cultivars in the world. Not to be missed! Savor & enjoy!

(NEW) Portuguese Galega (Fall 2023 Harvest – Robust)

FFA: .12 Bio-phenols: 528
Peroxide: 2.2 Oleic: 73
D.A.G.S: 97.3 Harvest Date: Sept/Oct 2023


(NEW) Sicilian Nocellara (Medium Intensity – Fall 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .15 Bio-phenols: 380.95
Peroxide: 5.19 Oleic: 72.85
D.A.G.S: 96 Harvest Date: October 2023

The always wonderful and beloved Italian Nocellara – from Sicily – is here. This year’s Nocellara is special and lovely, with a delicate, sweet nose, floral undertones and creamy green almond notes. The finish is very nice and peppery with only slight bitterness and the typical lingering spicy mouth feel. A great olive oil for any dish and a great gift!

(NEW) California Arbequina (Mild Intensity – Fall 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .13 Bio-phenols: 234.2
Peroxide: 3.39 Oleic: 73.17
D.A.G.S: 94.8 Harvest Date: November 2023

The California Arbequina was harvested from groves in the Copay Valley and carefully selected for us due to its green profile. This beautiful example of the Arbequina varietal displays more character and a bigger mouth than other examples of this varietal, yet is mild and approachable; very creamy with notes of savory herb and banana.