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Amphora House Blend


Our Sportivo blend is delicious, mild, and has green olive and lightly floral notes. It is a multi-use oil, great for salads and especially high-heat cooking. We provide restaurants and bakeries with this high-grade oil, which is why it’s an amazing bargain at $16.00 per 750 mL bottle.

(New) Peru Barnea (High Phenol – Spring 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .20 Bio-phenols: 509
Peroxide: 5.6 Oleic: 69.7
D.A.G.S: 96.1 Harvest Date: March 2023

Hello Barnea! The first of our Southern Hemisphere 2023 harvest – crushed in March! One of the finest examples of the Barnea varietal we’ve come across. This intense early harvest olive oil is exceedingly fruity on the nose – combining notes of tropical fruit, green apple peel, and banana with a lovely lingering pepper. While we consider it to be robust, this year’s Barnea has only a modicum of bitterness! Enjoy this robust olive oil for sauteing, adding a bold finish to any dish or savoring this “fresh juice” for its health properties!

Chilean Koroneiki (Spring 2023 Harvest – Robust)

FFA: .14 Bio-phenols: 315
Peroxide: 3.6 Oleic: 71.7
D.A.G.S: 94 Harvest Date: May 2023

Our Southern Hemisphere Arbequina varietal is here! Savor the creamy, dense consistency¬† and notes of artichoke, mild grass, with a slight pepper finish. An ever popular, always well received oil! Great for gifting when you aren’t sure which extra virgin olive oil of ours select. Versatile for any dish!

(NEW) Australian Kalamata (Robust – Highest Phenol – Spring 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .22 Bio-phenols: 534
Peroxide:4.0 Oleic: 78.2
D.A.G.S: 96.1 Harvest Date: May 2023

Welcome our delicious, robust Spring harvest Kalamata from Australia. This unique extra virgin is bold, fruity, and buttery with a bright early pepper on the palate and no lingering bite. This oil is very high in oleocanthal – the natural phenol compound that is responsible for the burn in the back of the throat when consuming extra virgin olive oil. Savor its unique, wonderful profile!

(NEW) Australian Arbosana (Medium Intensity – Spring 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .13 Bio-phenols: 468
Peroxide:2.6 Oleic: 76.6
D.A.G.S: 98 Harvest Date: May 2023

This is a beautiful medium intensity Arbosana that displays aromas of light citrus and ripe apple. Taste the creamy almond center that finishes with loads of pepper without any bitterness. This olive oil uniquely contains considerable phenols but is very approachable for people who shy away from the bitterness “finale” associated with polyphenol extra virgins. Savor and enjoy!

(NEW) Australian Coratina (Robust – High Phenol – Spring 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .21 Bio-phenols: 499
Peroxide: 3.7 Oleic: 79.8
D.A.G.S: 97 Harvest Date: May 2023

This season’s high phenol Coratina is extraordinarily fruity with an abundance of sweet fruity characteristics like banana, green apple, and sweet spice, while maintaining more pepper than bitter notes, thus, achieving a lovely balanced olive oil.

(NEW) Australian Favolosa (Robust – High Phenol – Spring 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .17 Bio-phenols: 525.6
Peroxide: 4.1 Oleic: 74.5
D.A.G.S: 97.5 Harvest Date: May 2023

Hello Southern Hemisphere Favolosa – a bold extra virgin punctuated by vibrant intense flavors of freshly picked bitter greens, radicchio, garden herbs and tomato leaf. This oil will add a punch to salads or any dish in search of a bold herbaceous olive oil flavor.

(NEW) Australian Picual (Mild – Spring 2023 Harvest)

FFA: .12 Bio-phenols: 267
Peroxide: 3.6 Oleic: 81.4
D.A.G.S: 98.4 Harvest Date: May 2023

Our beautiful Picual from Australia has the highest oleic acid we’ve seen in a long time – 81.4% – lending remarkable stability and shelf life and healthfulness. Creamy and sweet, delicate and loads of fruit, some stone fruit, banana and super high overall fruitiness scores. This is an intensely flavorful and delicate extra virgin.